Dental Prosthodontics (Prosthetic Dentistry) Lectures, DVD


Jeffrey Shotwell, DDS, MS, DO Prosthodontics, School of Dentistry, University of Michigan;

Oral Health Podcast series

Product Description

Education and demonstration of procedures for the installation of dental implants, creating crowns, bridges and dentures.


Lecture 1 – 2.2mm Surgical Guide – Double
How to create a 2.2mm surgical guide for a double implant dental restoration
Lecture 2 – Placing Implant Abutments
How to place abutments on dental implants
Lecture 3 – Overdenture X-ray Guide Modification
What to do after you’ve viewed your first X-ray guide for placing implants
Lecture 4 – 3.5mm Drilling Guide – Double
How to correctly line up the 3.5mm drill bit when placing dental implants
Lecture 5 – Two Implant Overdenture Drilling Guide
How to place and drill the implants for a two-implant supported overdenture
Lecture 6 – 2.8 mm Drilling Guide – Single
UM Dental School instructional video on drilling guides for single dental implants.
Lecture 7 – 2.2 mm Drilling Guide
UM Dental school instructional video on creating dental implants.
Lecture 8 – Two-implant supported overdenture treatment
This lecture covers removable temporary dentures.
Lecture 9 – Implant-supported dentures
This lecture covers combination cases – where a patient needs one full arch of dentures and one partial arch.
Lecture 10 – Rotational path partial dentures
This lecture covers various methods of repairing dentures.
Lecture 11 – Partial denture attachments
This lecture covers dentures that rest on roots of remaining teeth.
Lecture 12 – Classification and components of removable partial dentures
This lecture covers the Kennedy partial denture classification system.
Lecture 13 – Removable partial dentures: design considerations
This lecture covers the basics of designing and laying out dentures.
Lecture 14 – Tooth supported overdentures
This lecture covers the various ways partial dentures may be anchored in place.
Lecture 15 – Repairing complete and partial dentures
This lecture covers rotational path concepts – dentures that snap into place along an arc, instead of straight down.
Lecture 16 – Combination cases: complete and partial denture sets
This lecture covers dentures that rest on dental implants instead of natural teeth.
Lecture 17 – Immediate Insertion Removable Appliances
This lecture covers dentures that rest on dental implants instead of natural teeth.
Lecture 18 – Provisional Restorations and Boxing the Impression
UM instructional video on creating impressions and temporary restorations.
Lecture 19 – Fabricating Provisional Crowns
UM instructional video on creating temporary crowns for dental implants.
Lecture 20 – Implant X-Ray Guide – Single
UM instructional video on how using x-ray guides to place singe dental implants.
Lecture 21 – Implant X-Ray Guide – Double
UM instructional video on how using x-ray guides to place double dental implants.

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  • Audio : AAC at 108 kbps 2 channel (s), 44.1 kHz


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