Esthetics in Dentistry, 2nd Edition


Ronald Goldstein, DDS, Clinical Professor of Oral Rehabilitation, Van Haywood, DMD, Professor, Fixed Prosthodontics Section, DO Oral Rehabilitation; School of Dentistry, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia

Book Description

Volume 1:
This highly illustrated, full colour reference covers principles and treatment methods for the basics of aesthetic dentistry. Part 1 contains all the principles that a dentist or orthodontist may need to consider, from Biology and Treatment Planning to Legal considerations, Photography, and even Marketing the service. Part Two illustrates a number of key aesthetic dental treatments, illustrating cases and procedures with high quality colour step-by-step photographs and illustrations. Also included is a CD ROM, containing the complete text and illustrations of the book in a completely searchable format. Features: * Highly illustrated step-by-step guide to esthethic dentistry procedures * Includes information on non-clinical considerations such as Marketing, Legal Issues and Photography * Free CD-ROM including full text and illustrations from the book
Volume 2:
“Esthetics in Dentistry is the ultimate challenge for the restorative dentist. A restoration must not only look good, it must also function well and endure the test of time. This volume is designed to present a differential diagnosis of all possibilities that should be considered for individual teeth, missing teeth, malocclusions or facial appearance. Each situation is discussed as to its advantages and disadvantages, as well as its indications and limitations. Recommendations for the least invasive, longest lasting, most economical and most patient satisfying are weighed and discussed in detail. Alternatives to treatment are also discussed.

Customer Reviews

Being an advanced GP, August 11, 2000

This book may enhance you as a advanced GP. Step by step, making you treat your patient as doing an arts.
Dentistry is the practice both of arts and therapy.
Great text for dentists, December 2, 2001

This book is a wonderful teaching mechanism for dentists who want to develop their fullest potential at cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Goldstein, Haywood, and their contributors do an excellent job at not only identifying the major problems but also offer practical solutions as well. I love the CDrom that is attached to the book…it has all of the photographs in the text which is so helpful. The text is organized so well that it is a marvelous reference book for most cosmetic problems that occur. Dr. Goldstein and his colleagues provide logical reasons for the treatment options provided. I find it an invaluable source in both the understanding and treating cosmetic dental problems. It is a wonderful addition to Dr. Goldstein’s first volume in what I understand will be a 3 volume set….clearly the most comprehensive work ever done in cosmetic dentistry!


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