First Aid for the NBDE, Part II


Jason E. Portnof, DMD, MD, Chief Resident, Timothy Leung, MPH, DMD, MD, Resident, Division of Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY

Book Description

Use the successful First Aid formula to pass the National Board Dental Exam Part II with flying colors!

The new “bible” for NBDE Part II preparation! This high-yield, comprehensive review of topics examined on the National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) Part II is written for dental students by recent dental graduates who aced the boards.

  • Written for students by students who aced the exam, and reviewed by top dental school faculty
  • Hundreds of high-yield facts and mnemonics boost exam-day performance
  • Five case studies for top performance on the case-based component of the NBDE Part II
  • Four-page color insert of images
  • 100+ clinical images and illustrations you must know on exam day

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Customer Reviews


This is NOT a one stop source for even PASSING the boards as the preparation will be more demanding than this book. Having taken the boards twice; I’ve come to the conclusion that this guide goes superficially into MOST topics that you will find on the NBDE part II. Its great for glossing through once you have gone through the Decks a number of times, Mosby’s part II (which I highly reccomend), and as many ADA released examinations as you can. Once you have gone through those recources THEN hit first aid and that will help you identify any type of deficiences you will have in the subject areas. The next step is to obviously use all your resources to fill in those gaps as the boards can ask you the question from different aspect and in varying levels of detail.
Here are some examples of what I’m talking about as far as detail is concerned:
Pharmacology: First Aid does list the name of the drugs; their basic effects; and what they are prescribed for. However what it does NOT give much of are drug interactions, contraindicaitons, and adverse effects: which is essential information.
Oral Pathology: The descriptions are brief and to the point. However the examination has evolved in this section and has become heavier in radiographic/histological
interpretation; and I found first aid to be weak in this area.
Perio: I would like a further description on the flap procedures, perio Tx planning, and grafting (as these are MAJOR issues for the exam).
Operative/Prosth: Simply needs a bit more info; I would like to see illustrations of tooth preps/retention and how to Tx plan restorations.
Oral Surgery: I found this to be a bit on the inadequate side, as there are a lot of things like fractures, osteotomies, anatomy, and healing; that was on the lacking side.
Pediatrics: Excellent Review here.
Radiology: They gave a good review here.
Ortho: OK review; should have gone an explained more on the appliances and their indications.
In conclusion, this is one source you can do without if you already have the DECKS, Mosby’s for part II, and some exam questions; as all the information is repeated in those sources in much greater detail.

A helpfull Guide, April 5, 2008

This First Aid guides are very useful well structured and helpful if you want to the the NBDE tests

Very Helpful!, February 8, 2008

In preparation for the dental boards I purchased as much material as I could find. First Aid NBDE Part II is organized and easy to read. It provides helpful “tricks” to memorize information. The clinical pictures and illustrations were instrumental in my understanding and memorization of difficult topics. It is a very solid core book for studying for the boards.

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