Orthodontic Pearls: A Selection of Practical Tips and Clinical Expertise


Eliakim Mizrahi, BDS DOrthRCS FDSRCS MSc PhD, Private Practice, London, UK

Book Description

This outstanding book synthesizes a wealth of information gleaned from clinical and administrative experiences in orthodontic practice. Contributors from around the world provide tips, techniques and practical hints to assist in everything from diagnosis and the use of appliances to patient management. It is essential reading for any practitioner, even the most experienced orthodontist, who wishes to improve skills and knowledge in the clinical treatment of patients.

Editorial Reviews


‘A unique volume.’ –American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

Customer Reviews

Just for beginners, August 3, 2006

An interesting book, but good for beginners I mean people who have just finished university and are planning to open a dental cabinet.
Dentist and/or orthodontists with some experience will find just some interesting suggestions.Anyway the right score, from my point of view, shoulde be 3,5: 3 for skilled dentist and 4 for beginners.
Concluding… congratulation to the Author he did a really good job.


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