Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry, 4th Edition


David A. Mitchell,

Laura Mitchell, Consultant Orthodontist, St Luke’s Hospital, Bradford and Honorary Senior Lecturer, Leeds Dental Institute, Leeds

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Series: Oxford Handbooks Series


…a most valuable handbook with a wide range of appeal, from the undergraduate and those preparing for a range of postgraduate dental examinations through to training, and other senior colleagues who need to bring themselves up to date with innovations outside their main field of practice. *****. (Annals of The Royal College of Surgeons of England )

British Dental Journal

“Dental students are going to love this”

Customer Reviews

You must have, 13 Nov 2009

It is very specific,give you most important topicS about each Dentist subject,only problem very small printed letters.I recommend it for ORE candidates.

Oxford Handbook of clinical dentistry, 15 Jan 2009
  • I bought this prior to MJDF Part 1 last year and found it absolutely invaluable. I would definitely recommend the Oxford series of Handbooks to anyone taking this exam.
  • Absolutely first class. No one should be without one of these at any stage of their career. Ideal aide mémoire for all those things you don’t do or think about regularly. Helps to avoid those ‘ well what am I going to do about this’ moments. Tells you what you want to know accurately and succinctly.
  • Very nice book..you must have this book if you appearing for dental exam..very precise and easy language to understand..I had previous edition as well this new edition has got everything you need for your exams.
  • Absolutely the perfect book every dentist should have. either studying or taking references. its a must keep.
Very handy, 14 Nov 2010
An excellent handbook to have during your studies, or in clinical practice. Covers almost every general topic, in a simple, correct and easy to read way. Recommended. Great value for money
Indispensable, 3 Nov 2010
First bought the OHCD when a third year student. This book is so good I had to buy the updated edition, it’s still a regular source of information now in my GPT year. Covers not only the whole of clinical dentistry, but also sections on legal requirements, professionalism and regulation, and practice management.
Every dentist or dental student needs a copy of this. Will pay for itself dozens of times over.
Maxillofacial SHOs should also consider the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine.
Want useful? Here it is., 1 Nov 2010
So far this book has proved useful, up to date, clear and concise. whenever a doubt arises that needs a fast and clear answer, this book is where I head to get the answer. I completely advise to have this book at hand at all times in the daily practice. Those small doubts that come up in techniques or issues that you don’t deal with on a daily basis, they disappear after you read this handbook. Buy it. Keep it.
Ideal for cramming, 11 Feb 2001
The small pink book!
A handy text with every fact you’re likely to be asked in viva’s. Perfect for those last minute oh my god I’ve forgotten….. moments.
Fits perfectly in the pocket of a white coat.
The information, however, can be sparse and is sometimes inaccurate.


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