Ridge and Sinus Augmentation


Sascha A. Jovanovic, Lecturer at UCLA Continuing Dental Education, Academic Chairman of the gIDE Institute;
Massimo Simion, MD, DDS, Professor and Chairman, DO Periodontology, School of Dentistry, UO Milan, Italy.


Series: Global Institute for Dental Education

This special presentation highlights in 2 consecutive lectures, the clinical and biological criteria to consider in ridge and sinus grafting using autogenous bone, bone filler materials and resorbable and non resorbable membrane configurations. The first part of the presentation highlights the indications and solutions with resorbable membranes and bone graft materials around implant exposures and in sinus treatment. The second part focuses on the possibilities with the vertical ridge augmentation technique using non-resorbable TR-membranes and bone grafts in posterior mandible and maxilla and the anterior maxilla. A question and answer period of 30 minutes with both lecturers concludes the session.

  1. Play all
  2. Ridge Augmentation
  3. Non-resorbable Membrane
  4. Rosorbable Membrane
  5. Sinus Bone Augmentaion
  6. Vertical Ridge Augmentation
  7. Bone Filler Material
  8. Soft Tissue Graft Material
  9. Questions
  10. Language Set Up

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