[Gold] Evidence-Based Orthodontics


  • Greg J. Huang, DMD, MSD, MPH
  • Stephen Richmond, BDS, DOrth RCS, MScD, FDSRCS, PhD, FHEA
  • Katherine W.L. Vig, BDS, MS, DOrth RCS, FDSRCS

Evidence-Based Orthodonticssatisfies the educational demands of orthodontics, which demands the integration of the best research evidence with the clinician’s expertise and the patient’s unique values and circumstances.This land-mark text is the first to be devoted to the methodology, principles and practice of evidence-based practice in orthodontics. It aims to serve as a reference for those wishing to understand the principles of evidence-based practice including the foundation for clinical study design, epidemiology and the statistical inferences from data. The ability to define a search strategy from established databases and to identify relevant clinical and translational research in the scientific published literature requires a new approach in orthodontic education.  Evidence-Based Orthodonticsprovides a contemporary approach to those strategies in clinical orthodontic practice. The growing ability to translate critical appraisals of evidence into clinical practice and evaluate clinical evidence for its validity and potential usefulness requires an understanding of basic elements in epidemiology and biostatistics.Evidence-Based Orthodontics provides its readers with a cogent, clear resource with which to navigate and understand this important subject area. It provides students and practitioners of orthodontics with an indispensible guide to this vital tenet of education, research, and clinical practice.

Key Features

  • Land-mark text surveys the principles and practice of evidence-based orthodontics
  • Covers clinical study design, epidemiology, and understanding of statistical data
  • Equips readers with critical apparatus for understanding orthodontic literature
  • Reviews the available evidence and studies in orthodontics
  • Clear and cogent approach to clarify this vital area of study, research, and practice


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