[Gold] Dental Terminology, 2nd Edition


  • Charline M. Dofka, CDA, RDH, MS

Proper use of medical terminology is essential to the success of dental professionals. Learn the terms of the trade with this unique book. Terms are organized by specialty area for quick and easy reference. A variety of exercises are offered following each chapter providing ample opportunity to review and refresh. Whether you are new to dental terminology or simply need to brush up and review, this book is essential!

Key Features

  • New chapters on pain management and cosmetic dentistry
  • Free CD-ROM provides additional opportunities for practice and review of pronunciations and definitions. Games and activities such as Hangman, Crossword Puzzles, Flash Cards, Matching, and Spelling Bee allow interactive and fun review of the terms.
  • “Sounds like” pronunciations help users learn to pronounce difficult terms.


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  1. Thank you for this. Do you happen to have the 3rd edition?

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