[Gold] Treatment of Oral Diseases: A Concise Textbook


  • George Laskaris, M.D., D.D.S., Ph.D., Head of Oral Medicine, Department of Dermatology, A. Sygros Hospital, Associate Professor of Oral Medicine, Medical School, Universit y of Athens, Athens, Greece, Visiting Professor, University of London, UK

George Laskaris is renowned for his excellent Color Atlas of Oral Diseases, one of Thiemes all-time bestsellers. This new title by Laskaris represents the ideal companion to the atlas, providing a logical extension from the diagnostic atlases toward treatment of the diseases described here.

Each disease is described in capsule form, with epidemiology, etiology, the main clinical features, and the appropriate diagnostic tests. After this, a section follows on general therapeutic guidelines, which involve topical or systemic treatment, environmental factors and alternative or experimental treatments. Finally, each report includes a section of the most important references on that condition.

This efficiently conceived therapeutic guide to oral diseases will be an invaluable aid for all residents and physicians who may be called upon to evaluate oral diseases.


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