[Gold] Bionanomaterials for Dental Applications


  • Mieczyslaw Jurczyk, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Director of the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering at Poznan University of Technology, Poland.

Recently, chemical, physical, and mechanical processes for the fabrication of metal/alloy-ceramic nanocomposites with a unique microstructure have been developed. These processes permit the control of microstructural properties such as the size of pore openings, surfaces properties, and the nature of the base metal/alloy. This book presents information about the structure and characteristics of new dental nanomaterials, corrosion behavior of metallic biomaterials and implants as well as methods of surface improvement of implants by means of nanoengineering, which decides the biocompatibility of the insert. It thoroughly explains the osseointegration from a biological viewpoint and early tissue response.

Key Features

  • Highlights the enhanced properties of the nanomaterials and discusses the great potential of many bionanomaterials studied so far
  • Presents contributions by scientists and physicians, thoroughly covering both mechanical aspects of biomaterials and their medical applications
  • Includes an extensive bibliography for further reading


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