[Gold] Cottone’s Practical Infection Control in Dentistry


  • John A Molinari PhD, Professor and Chairman, Department of Biomedical Sciences, School of Dentistry, University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit, MI
  • Jennifer A Harte DDS, MS, Director, Professional Services, USAF Dental Evaluation and Consultation Service, Great Lakes, IL

Now in its Third Edition, this book is a primary, comprehensive infection control text for students in the dental professions. Using the latest scientific and clinical evidence and current infection control guidelines, the book presents easy-to-follow protocols as components of a basic infection control routine. This Third Edition has been thoroughly updated and contains more photographs and tables. A glossary of terminology and acronyms appears at the beginning of each chapter.

Key Features

  • Thoroughly updated and revised reflecting the latest technological advances in dentistry and infection control and dealing with the most recent infectious disease threats.
  • New findings on the microbiology of airborne infectious diseases and the lastest health care recommendations for their prevention.
  • Latest scientific and clinical information on viral hepatitis HIV infection, and AIDS.
  • Expanded discussions on infectious diseases transmitted by respiratory droplets and aerosols, including tuberculosis and influenza.
  • New guidelines for keeping dental unit waterlines safe.
  • A greater emphasis on evidence with expanded sections citing scientific and clinical evidence and reinforcing the rationale for specific infection control practices and protocols.
  • Glossary of terminology and acronyms at the beginning of each chapter.


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