[Gold] Essentials of Dental Radiography for Dental Assistants and Hygienists, 9th Edition


  • Evelyn M. Thomson, BSDH, MS, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Gene W. Hirschfeld School of Dental Hygiene, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia
  • Orlen N. Johnson, BS, DDS, MS, College of Dentistry, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Lincoln, Nebraska

For courses in oral radiography as part of programs for dental assistants and hygienists.

This clear, up-to-date, and student-friendly text tightly links oral radiological principles with modern practice. It presents all information needed for introductory courses in dental radiography, preparing students for board and licensing examinations while offering real-world resources for clinical practice and patient management. Coverage includes: historical perspectives, radiation basics, biologic effects and protection, dental X-ray image receptors, processing techniques; dental radiographer fundamentals, intraoral and extraoral techniques, radiographic errors, quality assurance; mounting and viewing radiographs, and patient management. This Ninth Edition integrates coverage of digital imaging throughout, presents paralleling and bisecting techniques in separate chapters, and adds a new chapter on safety and environmental responsibilities. It also contains many new study questions and improved images.

Key Features

Procedure Boxes–highlighting and simplifying critical steps of radiographic procedures

  • Prepares students to apply textbook theory in the lab
  • Provides a handy reference for students providing radiographic services in clinical settings

Practice Points–calling students’ attention to the uses of theory in real-life situations

  • Helps students link theory to practice

Meaningful case studies in each chapter–challenging students to assimilate knowledge and use it to make appropriate real-life decisions

  • Shows students the realities of work as a dental radiographer

Suggested Activities–including potential lab exercises, out-of-class research projects, essay assignments, and Internet-based investigations

  • Helps instructors provide creative assignments that accelerate learning and increase mastery


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