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Lippincott Williams & Wilkins’ Comprehensive Dental Assisting Workbook is the ideal companion text for dental assisting students who are using LWW’s Comprehensive Dental Assisting textbook. The interactive Workbook is designed to reinforce the content in the textbook, using a variety of exercises to suit all types of learners.

Key Features

  • Competency Assessment Checklists link to the accreditation requirements.
  • Learning Activities: Objective questions, including Fill in the Blank, Matching, True or False questions, and Labeling Activities, are designed to elicit recall of facts.
  • Critical Thinking and Discussion Questions: These are designed to require fuller, more complex recall and application of the material and include Case Studies and a variety of Activities that can be used in class or as out-of-class assignments.
  • Chapter Review: A series of multiple-choice questions designed to cover all of the content in each chapter.
  • Competency Assessment: Checklists for each procedure in the textbook including Materials lists, Procedure steps, Self and Partner evaluations, Instructor grading, and Instructor comments. Students may tear them out of the perforated Workbookand use them to check off each item as they perform the steps in class.


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