[Gold] Nutrition and Dental Health, 2nd Edition


  • Ann Ehrlich, EDA, MA

The purpose of this book is to teach the three main factors in dental health (general nutrition, fluorides, and plaque control), and how to communicate this information to patients to improve their dental health. Completely rewritten to address the latest research and recent changes in preventive dentistry.

Key Features

  • covers essential aspects of nutrition including the healthy diet, nutrients, the new Food Pyramid, and digestion
  • focuses on the importance of fluorides; nutrients that make teeth more resistant to decay and play an important role in preventive dentistry
  • coverage of plaque control through diet and oral hygiene to reduce tooth decay and periodontal disease
  • each chapter contains ten exercises and suggested class activities to reinforce content
  • the text includes a glossary, appendix of answers to chapter exercises, and crossword puzzles with solutions


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