[Gold] Nutrition for a Healthy Mouth, 2nd Edition


  • Rebecca Sroda, Associate Dean of Allied Health and Dental Education, South Florida Community College, Avon Park, Florida

Written specifically for dental hygiene and dental assisting students and practitioners, this text provides a solid foundation in basic nutrition and diet information, emphasizes the relationship of nutrition and diet to oral health, and provides information on nutrition and dietary patient counseling. This Second Edition includes new Food for Thought boxes that facilitate application of chapter topics to the real-life setting. The Nutritional Counseling for Special Patient Groups chapter has been expanded to include new material on patients with cancer, patients with HIV, homeless patients, and substance abusers.

Key Features

  • New! New Food for Thought boxes highlight chapter facts and facilitate application of topics to the real life setting.
  • New! Key terms highlight important concepts and are defined in a glossary.
  • New! Objectives set out learning goals for each chapter.
  • New! The final chapter, “Nutritional Counseling for Special Patient Groups” (Chapter 17), was expanded to include new content on patients with cancer, HIV, who are homeless, or substance abusers.
  • Emphasis on patient counseling – a major role of practicing dental hygienists, with an entire unit (Part VI) dedicated to nutritional counseling
  • The friendly look and tone of the book draws students in and make the subject of nutrition, which is typically dry, interesting and lively.
  • “Putting This into Practice” boxes present the student with a real-life situation with exercises to help students relate the information in the text to practice and encourage critical thinking skills.
  • Nutrients at a Glance charts in Part II contain common categories of information to help the reader organize and compare details of major nutrients and herbs.
  • Web Resources at the end of each chapter lists websites that can be bookmarked in “favorites” for a quick check of facts.
  • Only concepts necessary for understanding dental nutrition and to the practice of dental hygiene are covered


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