[Free] How Your Practice Can Beat The Recession

How you practice can beat the recessionBy

  • Neil Sanderson, Dental Marketing Expert

The book is an in depth guide with dozens of tips on how you can use my marketing techniques to increase the revenues of your dental practice or dental business. It contains in-depth advise on the following areas:
  • Word of Mouth
  • TV, Radio and Video advertising
  • Advertising in local newspapers, magazines and Yellow Pages
  • Marketing with leaflets
  • Using Telesales effectively
  • Marketing online
  • Using Social Media to grow your business
  • Effective use of Email
  • How to use Text Messaging effectively
  • Direct Mail And How To Utilise It Best
  • Collaborative Local Marketing
  • Top Ten Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid
It is your essential guide to marketing your dental practice in the 21st century.


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