[Gold] Dental clinics of north america 2005-2012 Full Issues

Dental clinics of north america 2005 20122005

  • January 2005: Oral Soft Tissue Lesions, Thomas P. Sollecito, MD, Guest Editor
  • April 2005: Geriatrics: Contemporary and Future Concerns, Roseann Mulligan, DDS, MS, Guest Editor
  • July 2005: Periodontics, Frank A. Scannapieco, DMD, PhD, Guest Editor
  • October 2005: Incipient and Hidden Caries, Daniel W. Boston, DMD, Guest Editor


  • January 2006: Adolescent Oral Health, Deborah Studen-Pavlovich, DMD, and Dennis N. Ranalli, DDS, MDS, Guest Editors
  • April 2006: Tissue Engineering, Franklin Garcı´a-Godoy, DDS, MS, Guest Editor
  • July 2006: Implantology, Mark V. Thomas, DMD, Guest Editor
  • October 2006: Medical Conditions and Their Impact on Dental Care, James R. Hupp, DMD, MD, JD, MBA, Guest Editor


  • January 2007: Temporomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain, Henry Gremillion, DDS, Guest Editor
  • April 2007: Esthetic Design, Materials and Methods, John R. Calamia, DDS, Mark Wolff, DDS, PhD, and Richard J. Simonsen, DDS, MS, Guest Editors
  • July 2007: Dental Materials, Lyle Zardiackas, PhD, Tracy Dellinger, DDS, MS, and Mark Livingston, DDS, Guest Editors
  • October 2007: Dentistry’s Role in Disaster Response, Michael D. Colvard, DDS, MTS, MS,Guest Editor


  • January 2008: Management of the Oncologic Patient, Sook-Bin Woo, DMD and Nathaniel S. Treister, DMD, DMSc, Guest Editors
  • April 2008: Dental Public Health, Oscar Arevalo, DDS, MBA and Amit Chattopadhyay, PhD, MPH,Guest Editors
  • July 2008: Handbook of Dental Practice, Harry Dym, DDS and Orrett Ogle, DDS,Guest Editors
  • October 2008: Contemporary Dental and Maxillofacial Imaging, Steven L. Thomas, DDS, MS and Christos Angelopoulos, DDS, MS,Guest Editors


  • January 2009: Evidence-Based Dentistry, Mark V. Thomas, DMD, Guest Editor
  • April 2009: Special Care Patient, Burton S. Wasserman, DDS, Guest Editor
  • July 2009: Oral Health Care Access, Gary A. Colangelo, DDS, MGA, Guest Editor
  • October 2009: Trauma and Emergency Care, Gerald A. Ferretti, DDS, MS, MPH and Sami Chogle, BDS, DMD, MSD, Guest Editors


  • January 2010: Treatment of Periodontal Disease, Frank A. Scannapieco, DMD, PhD, Guest Editor
  • April 2010: Endodontics, Frederic Barnett, DMD, Guest Editor
  • July 2010: Current Concepts in C ariology, Douglas A. Young, DDS, MS, MBA, Margherita Fontana, DDS, PhD and Mark S. Wolff, DDS, PhD, Guest Editors
  • October 2010: Updates of Dental Local Anesthesia, Paul A. Moore, DMD, PhD, MPH, Elliot V. Hersh, DMD, PhD, and Sean G. Boynes, DMD, MS, Guest Editors


  • January 2011: Contemporary Concepts in the Diagnosis of Oral and Dental Disease, Ira B. Lamster, DDS, MMSc, Guest Editor
  • April 2011: Diagnosis and Treatment of the Most Common Esthetic Needs, John R. Calamia, DMD, Mark S. Wolff, DDS, PhD, and Richard Trushkowsky, DDS, Guest Editors
  • July 2011: Technologic al Advances in Dentistry, Harry Dym, DDS, and Orrett Ogle, DDS, Guest Editors
  • October 2011: Oral Surgery for the General Dentist, Harry Dym, DDS, and Orrett Ogle, DDS, Guest Editors


  • January 2012: Oral Surger y for the General Dentist, Harry Dym, DDS, and Orrett E. Ogle, DDS, Guest Editors
  • April 2012: Sleep Medicine and Dentistry, Ron Attanasio, DDS, and Dennis R. Bailey, DDS, Guest Editors
  • July 2012: Regenerative Endodontics, Sami Chogle, DDS, Guest Editor
  • October 2012: Primary Health Care in the Dental Office, Ira B. Lamster, DDS, MMSc, Guest Editor


  • January 2013: Pediatric Dentistry, Joel H. Berg, DDS, MS, Guest Editor


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