[Gold] Handbook of Orthognathic Treatment: A Team Approach

Handbook of Orthognathic TreatmentBy

  • Ashraf  Ayoub, Professor of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, the University of Glasgow, the UK.
  • Balvinder Khambay, Associate professor of Orthodontics, the University of Hong Kong.
  • Philip Benington, Consultant in Orthodontics, Glasgow University Dental Hospital & School, the UK.
  • Lyndia Green, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, the UK.
  • Khursheed Moos, Honorary Clinical Research Fellow, the University of Glasgow, the UK.

This handbook provides a short, contemporary text on the management of dentofacial deformities. The importance of a well organised, inter-disciplinary approach is emphasised throughout and the following key areas are presented:

  • A detailed account of the role of the psychologist, from initial assessment through to post-operative support.
  • A systematic approach to dentofacial assessment, including a section on diagnostic records and an overview of cephalometry.
  • A logical step-by-step approach to treatment planning, emphasising the interactive thought process required when setting orthodontic and surgical objectives.
  • The fundamentals of surgical orthodontics, with the scope and limitations of orthodontic appliances clearly explained for each phase of treatment.
  • A description of orthognathic technical procedures and how potential errors can be minimised in order to improve the accuracy of model surgery.
  • An account of how to carry out photo-cephalometric profile prediction planning, including a critique of the method.
  • A detailed description of the full range of mandibular and maxillary orthognathic surgical procedures, including indications and complications.
  • A chapter on higher-level osteotomies for the treatment of more severe craniofacial abnormalities is included for completeness.
  • A series of six contrasting case studies.

There is an emphasis on the technological advances that are rapidly enabling the global paradigm shift from 2D to 3D planning.


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