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Let’s Try Periodontics is an educational comic closely based on the original Japanese version entitled Shisyuchirotte Omoshiroi, which was published in Japan in October, 2008.

In an effort to offset the confusion that attends modern-day information-explosion in the field of dentistry, I have followed my mentors’ example by explaining, in a very simple way, how long-term predicable results can be obtained in moderate to severe cases of periodontitis.

The true success of the treatments depends on treatment plans during the active treatment phase and the following of established procedures. These are devised to create an oral environment with the least periodontal problems for long-term tissue stability.

This book does not cover all the techniques currently available, but it covers a broad range of treatment options according to the challenges in each oral area. My wish is that young dentists strive to become skilled in a variety of periodontal treatment options to answer the unique needs of each patient. It is my hope that they will perform appropriate 21st-Century dental treatments for each patient and, when possible, give comprehensive treatments with a view to long-term oral health.

Materials and technology will continue to develop in the future, but treatment goals will not alter, the most critical being the removal of etiologic agents of periodontal disease and the creation of an oral environment for easy cleaning to ensure long-term maintenance.

This is what our patients want. We dentists should strive to attain the treatment results that patients desire, in terms of both health and aesthetics. By adopting the periodontal treatment options that are becoming standard, and that are keeping pace with European and American experts in the field, our patients will then be assured of the best possible treatment.

To encourage specialists to keep upgrading their skills, we have founded JIADS to provide ongoing continuing education for dentists in clinical periodontics. For more information, please see the JIADS website: http://www.jiads. org/ Enquiries are welcome.

I hope that by reading this comic book, young dentists will be inspired to take an interest in periodontal treatment with “Dr. Fresh” as they practice and gain experience in their clinics.


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