Comprehensive Dentistry

Comprehensive Dentistryby Masahide Tsutsui , Teruko Tsutsui

Making available to English-speaking dentists the highly individual approach developed by the Tsutsuis over many decades of work, this oversize book (10×12.5″), originally published in Japanese, presents their principles and case studies in clear text and abundant photos. In their preface the authors identify the fundamental concepts of control of inflammation and, more problematic, control of forces-many of which are subtle or invisible, are due to individual habits, and change over time. The idea is to consider dental problems in the context of the whole body, and doing so with precision and sensitivity manifests in extraordinarily successful results. After a section on diagnosis, the forces affecting the stomatognathic system and their control are detailed, with discussion of individual differences and jaw functions, concepts of biomechanics and remodeling, optimal mandibular position, habits of circumoral muscles and myofunctional therapy, chewing and postural habits and occlusal collapse, distortion of face and body and psychologic stress, among other topics. Following are sections on restorative tooth movement, establishment of maintainable periodontal tissue, and prosthetic treatment and improvement of the oral environment. Morton Amsterdam (emeritus, U. of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine) initiated the translation of this work and provides the foreword.


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