Materials in Restorative Dentistry

Author: Sherwood I Anand

This book Materials in Restorative Dentistry presents a comprehensive review and current advancements in the field of dental materials used in restorative dentistry. It has been aimed for both undergraduate and also postgraduate level students of dentistry. There is scarcely a restorative procedure that does not make use of dental material in one way or another. In these days of rapid developments, a dental material can get modified or replaced in as little as three years. There are very many books on the topic of dental materials contributed by both Indian and International authors. This book is essentially a compilation of all information from various books and presented in a unique way. Uniqueness of this book lies in vast details of all chapters with historical perspective and wherever necessary and applicable two or more classifications of materials are detailed. Material science is a vast field with physics, chemistry, and metallurgy as background. In first 3 chapters some basic aspects of material science has been covered. Chapter on Polymer, Bonding and Ceramics has been dealt with in very elaborate manner. A chapter on Endodontic materials has been added which has been lacking in certain textbooks. Students can further enhance their understanding by referring to the books added in reference section. Last section of university questions gives exercise for student’s chapter wise, giving them an idea of what needs to be given emphasis in each chapter. It is hoped that after reading this book, students will have a wider understanding of dental materials employed in restorative dentistry.


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