Practical Biochemistry for BDS

Author: Purohit Purvi

The book encompasses all the medical biochemistry basics, necessary for the dental students as well as special attention to the role of saliva. The book truly embodies the concept of the mouth-mirroring, the general health of the person. This book presents the extensive subject of Practical Biochemistry for the students of dentistry in a highly simplified format. The complete syllabi of the Practical Biochemistry as prescribed by the Dental Council of India (DCI) have been covered in 5 different sections. Each section begins with an introduction to it. Various sections include: Introduction to Practical Biochemistry, Qualitative Exercises, Clinical Biochemistry involving Quantitative Exercises and Urine Analysis, Organ Function Tests. A complete section has been included on demonstrations of some important biochemical techniques, food stuffs and very importantly on saliva. These practical exercises have been recommended by DCI for demonstration to the BDS students so as to give a foundation for basics of Clinical Biochemistry, Techniques and Nutritional Biochemistry. Finally, a chapter on recent advances in the field of clinical biochemistry has been incorporated. Each chapter is followed up by viva voce questions which would serve to brush up that chapter. Practical Biochemistry for BDS is an exclusive book catering to the demands of these students. The book takes the reader onto a journey into the field of Practical Biochemistry, beginning with making the reader familiar with the laboratory, its equipment, safety procedures, and methodology for working and how to get accurate results.


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