Principles and Practice of Public Health Dentistry

Author: Krishna Madhusudan, Dasar Pralhad L

The contents of the book are so arranged to prevent fragmentation and compartmentalization of knowledge and provide the reader a logical and rational approach to the subject to make it an exciting learning experience. The book is divided into two sections based on the title and each section is further divided into units to facilitate easy understanding and to ensure depth in work, continuity and logical presentation. Early detection and prevention of the problem is the basic duty of a Public Health Dentist, or for that matter even a general dental practitioner, in reducing the ravages of pain and death. In recent years, the topic of Forensic Dentistry is gaining vast importance, especially for a public health dentist working in the field. A chapter on this topic has therefore been included to provide the reader an in-depth knowledge of the subject. Further recognizing the role of public health dentist in Anthropology, a chapter on Dental Anthropology is included. Also provide justice to such subjects as Computers in Dentistry and Evidence-based Dental Research which is fast becoming the purview of the dental surgeon, just as any health-service provider. Any endeavor in collecting and presenting such a vast body of knowledge is bound to be fraught with unforeseen errors. Though there are a good many books on this particular subject.


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