Salivary Gland Pathologies

Author: Agni Nisheet Anant, Borle Rajiv Mukund

This book Salivary Gland Pathologies indeed is a beautiful compilation of epidemiology, etiology, surgical anatomy, clinical presentation, surgical pathology and their management, pertaining to salivary glands. The book also deals in regard to the various non-neoplastic disorders that afflict salivary glands along with techniques and modalities of the management. In this book extensive number of clinical photographs of different salivary glands pathologies that have been incorporated, which is bound to facilitate the understanding of the issue in a genuine way. The topic chosen for the book is significant, in as much as, the various aspects, with reference to the pathologies of the salivary glands, have been dealt with not only adequately, but also in a very lucid and free-flowing manner. The language availed is easily decipherable and the ‘informational inclusions’ definitely are bound to satisfy the students and readers alike in more than one way. It is a book, which can be said to be ‘handy, readable, informative’ and capable of stating various facets of inquisitive mind and intellect alike. This book useful for undergraduate and postgraduate students but also to all the clinicians who deal with the diagnosis and management of these disorders.


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