Workbook of Practical Human Physiology for BDS

Author: Marwaha Komal

Medicine is a practical part of treatment rather than a theoretical one. The fascinating aspect of medicine lies in learning by doing process. History of medicine is replete with examples where basic physiological discoveries have led to advances in clinical disciplines. Repetitions of some fundamental experiments by students, correspondingly, give them a better understanding of clinical subjects. In training program of medical, dental and science students’ practical work has always held an important place. This is particularly important in fundamental disciplines like physiology. All the teachers of physiology in dental colleges know how teaching of practical human physiology to these students has been handed down from one to another in the form of tradition. Teachers have always found it hard to rationalize what is needed to be taught and what should not be taught. Often the technique advocated has been passed from one generation of teachers to another with some modifications and justifications. The book contains all the essential underlying principles of practical human physiology as per the latest recommendations of Dental council of India. The instruction of DCI to lay emphasis on the applied aspect of physiology has been adequately taken care of in this book. The work book is divided in two sections: (i) Practicals, (ii) Demonstrations. The practical procedures are to be performed by the students during practical classes to acquire skills. All the procedures are to be included in the University practical examination. Those categorized as demonstrations are to be shown to the students during practical classes. However, these demonstrations would not be included in the University examinations but question based on this would be given in the form of charts, graphs and calculations for interpretation by the students.


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