Review of All Dental Subjects (ROADS)

9789351527329by Sethi Neha
The book titled Review of All Dental Subjects (ROADS) provides an overview of all dental subjects and emphasizes more on clinically oriented topics. It also deals in-depth of some specialized topics like orthodontics, pedodontics, radiology, pharmacology, genetics, molecular biology, etc. The chapter anatomy illustrates on anatomy of various organs such as face, tongue, palate, larynx, pharynx, bone, tonsil, skin and so on. It also introduces biochemistry concepts explaining various biomolecules. The science of pathology and an overview on cell injury, thrombus and also various disorders of complement system, transfusion are explained in the chapter Pathology. It also emphasizes on dental materials and various dental procedures. The chapter oral surgery discusses about various instruments such as dental elevators, surgical needles and sutures which are useful for oral surgery. A brief description of imaging techniques and focuses on radiology, advanced imaging, characteristics and miscellaneous of radiology. The chapter miscellaneous topics in this book discusses on implants, toll like receptors, host modulation therapy stem cells, lasers, nanotechnology and molecular cloning. It also discusses in detail about AIDS and its aspects.


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