Textbook of Dental Anatomy: A Practical Approach

9789350908396by Kumaraswamy Jayalakshmi
The subject of Dental Anatomy is the basic foundation in Dentistry. When a student enters First BDS Course, he/she should acquire the knowledge of teeth present, morphology of teeth and functions of teeth, because throughout the career it is helpful as a dental practitioner, whether it is restoring or replacing a tooth. Morphology of teeth also helps in identification of developmental anomalies which may be correlated to any other skeletal abnormalities, hormonal disturbances etc. For this reason a simplified and easily understandable morphology of teeth is included in this text book along with ground section of teeth, identification of natural teeth and various dentition casts. As it is said that “Reading is the exercise to brain as physical activity to the body”, a dental practitioner should attain the knowledge of subject and also should posses practical skill. To understand the Anatomy of teeth, one must know teeth carving. A detailed morphology of all the permanent and deciduous teeth with illustrations, which is made simple and comprehensive is given in this textbook for the benefit of students. Carving technique for incisors is described stepwise with illustrations in the textbook. The carving of remaining permanent teeth and deciduous teeth can be followed by using the same technique.


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