Textbook of Oral Medicine

9789351523031by Ghom Anil Govindrao, Ghom (Lodam) Savita Anil
Oral medicine specially focuses on the diseases of oral and paraoral structures. It helps in physical and medical evaluation, head and neck examination, laboratory analysis, oral diagnosis and oral therapeutics for various medical conditions related to mouth. Neoplasm refers to an abnormal mass of tissue that arises from an abnormal proliferation of cells. Infection control protocol should be carried out for dental unit design, patient evaluation, personal protection, disinfection and sterilization, disposal of wastes, formal education and training, immunization and water quality. A detailed and complete case history is important for making correct diagnosis of the disease. Diseases of oral structure include teeth anomalies, keratotic and non-keratotic lesions, cysts of orofacial region, odontogenic tumors, malignant tumors of orofacial region orofacial pain, etc. Systemic diseases manifested in jaws can be the result of different infections, syndromes or disorders related to hormone, blood etc. Vast array of drugs such as antibiotics, anticancer drugs, antiviral drugs, corticosteroid, as well as banned drugs used in dentistry, drugs used in pregnancy and emergency drugs are discussed. In addition, miscellaneous topics like forensic dentistry, halitosis, syndromes of oral cavity, geriatrics and controversial diseases are highlighted.


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