Qrs for BDS 4th Year : Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Jyotsna Rao
This book is a result of my close interaction with the students. There is a lot of information available to students in various
textbooks, which is not only voluminous but also time consuming and daunting to read. This book is not a replacement of
any oral and maxillofacial surgery textbook, but is written keeping the needs of the students in mind and their expectations from
a book for the purpose of excelling in the exams.
To excel in a subject one has to not only understand the same but also remember and present it in a systematic way in
the examinations. The subject like oral and maxillofacial surgery includes concepts of sterilization and asepsis, minor
surgical procedures, maxillofacial pathologies, orthognathic procedures, cleft surgeries, implantology, etc. All these need
to be condensed into a simple and comprehensible text.
The book is planned in a meticulous manner and I have endeavoured comprehensively to refer and include relevant
information from the standard textbooks. Though written in a question and answer format, this book is arranged in a logical
sequence for the purpose of better recapitulation. This makes it easy for the students to rapidly review the entire subject
and also recollect whatever they had studied during the final year of BDS.
This book is primarily intended for undergraduate students, but can also be used as a quick reference book by postgraduate students to recollect the subject.


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